Music has permeated every part of Alibi's life and her musical roots are eclectic. She spent her early years playing saxophone in jazz, concert and marching bands. Growing up on a farm with parents born in the 60's though, she also has a special place in her heart for country and oldies. In a failed attempt to be a rebellious teenager, she listened to Rap. She fell in love with EDM music in college and when she couldn't just sit back and listen anymore, she bought her first set of decks and learned how to DJ.

Alibi is a muti-genere open-format DJ. She can spin top-40 for your bar or lounge, a chill pool party set for your summer needs, or a wedding with all ages! As someone who has been performing since she was three, Alibi's energy and enthusiasm behind the decks is unmatched. She prides herself on engaging with her audience and knowing how to keep the dance floor full.  

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Image by Ryan Quintal

Lexi Farrar

DJ Alibi is far out! She DJ'd my mom's 55th 70's themed birthday party and was a major hit. We danced the night away to classics fused with today's hits, which made it fun for all ages. 

I would highly recommend her for any event, she can do it all! I can't wait for our next party!


Sandra Lechman

DJ Alibi saved my wedding reception. The party was almost ruined by a few mishaps, but as soon as DJ alibi started her set, the whole place went wild! The venue literally had to pull the plug to stop the music when it was closing time because we could not stop raging. She incorporated so much of who my husband and I are into her set and it turned out perfectly.

DJ Alibi was the best part of my reception and I would recommend her for any event. 

Navid Shirazi

DJ Alibi DJ'd my 2020 New Year's Eve Party. She brought an energy unmatched and everyone had an amazing time!  


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